About Us

Welcome to TrillestDolls, the natural hair care brand that focuses on sharing testimony to create community for women in the beauty industry. My name is Lauren Kelly, and I am the proud founder of TrillestDolls LLC.

As I child, I always loved all things beauty…especially hair! I often found myself in middle school, spending countless hours on youtube trying the latest hairstyles. Until one day I stumbled across the “Natural Hair Community” and “Big Chop” trend. Up until this point, I had never even though about wearing my natural hair anywhere. Especially since every time I stepped door in a salon, it seemed as if they were more concerned with slicking my hair down instead of actually caring for it. But it was something about these women looking so confident in embracing the hair that God gave them, that made me say “Yup, it’s time!”. So I cut off my heat damage, and started to wear and love my hair as it was. 

As years went by, I started to finally find my hair’s groove. I learned what she liked and didn’t like, what products and routines worked best for her, and styles that best fit her texture and density. TrillestDolls was born out of the love I grew for my natural coils over time. We believe that every natural-ista should see her hair as something of value worth caring for!

A major part of natural hair care its maintaining moisture to reduce breakage. Our BIG Bonnets are made with soft, silky satin material that is gentle on your hair and helps prevent frizz and breakage. Each bonnet is designed with an elastic band to ensure a secure, comfortable fit for all head sizes.

They're perfect for sleepwear, loungewear, and everyday use. Our BIG Bonnets are also machine washable, making them easy to care for and maintain. And even better…they can be customized with your name for extra personalization!

At TrillestDolls, we are more than just a business! we are a community of women who share a passion for self-care and self-love. We are constantly inspired by the beauty and diversity of the world around us, and we hope to inspire other women to embrace their own uniqueness and individuality.

Thank you for choosing TrillestDolls, and we look forward to serving you!